Free business tool – Google alerts

Free marketing tool - Google alerts

Free marketing tool - Google alerts

Google Alerts is one of my favourite free business tools. You just have to sign up to be alerted via email whenever there is a mention on the internet of your selected keywords.

Something that all businesses should have set up is an alert for their corporate name. It’s an easy way to monitor online content about your company, without having to do any leg work. It can also identify potential channels and opportunities for your marketing communications planning, keep you up to date with trends in your industry and allows you the chance to engage with your customers. This is also an important way to monitor any negative comments and gives you the opportunity to respond and hopefully clarify/undo any misconceptions. Plunk in some of your competitor’s names, and you have a great tool to monitor them as well.

Keywords is another great way to stay on top of particular industries or product types, for example. They also offer the same marketing and pr benefits as above. Be careful with your selections, though. Too broad a key word can inundate you with information. The marketing tools you choose should always be realistic for you and your schedule.

Your reputation is crucial to your business’ success. Make sure that you take the steps to monitor it online. Interested in giving it a try? Go to Google alerts.

About Martina

I am a Vancouver based marketing consultant specializing in online communications. I also offer copy writing, public relations and other marketing services. My passion is helping small businesses improve and grow!
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