Small business tools

Check out some tools and resources below specifically geared towards small business marketing.

Websites that specialize in small business advice:

Official Canadian Federal Government site for business with services for entrepreneurs. This is where you can find the official info about grants, taxes and other small business concerns.

Small Business Canada has all kinds of resources and information for Canadian small businesses, from how to navigate tax breaks for small business to dealing with the new HST.

Small Business BC is based in downtown Vancouver and offers a range of resources and online articles on how to start and grow your small business. They also offer small business advisory services and host various seminars and events.

SOHO is a Canadian small business community website with lots of resources, networking events and special savings on business related stuff.

Small biz trends is an American site, so not all the information is relevant to Canadian businesses, however  lots of good resources and ideas.

Social Media for small business

  • A good introduction to social media, with a small business focus. From a webinar hosted by TD Bank, featuring some local social media gurus.

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